Friday, October 31, 2008

Updated pictures

We've had so many visitors lately I haven't had a chance to update the blog. Owen is growing like a weed and we love seeing all the changes every day. Just today he started smiling back at Ben and I when we talk to him after he's had his ba-ba (our nickname for bottle with him). It's so fun! Here are some pics we've taken recently:

Falling asleep while Grandma Marshall holds him:

Aunt Hillary holds her little nephew:

Grandpa Killi lets Owen fall asleep on his shoulder:

Owen at 5 weeks old:

Grandma Killi does a sponge bath:

Squeaky clean elephant baby!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Loving the gdiapers

I think they are so cute, so we tried them and so far, so good! I took this snapshot of Owen hanging out in his orange little g today. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

6 hours straight

Last night Owen slept a record 6 hours straight! Holy cow!!! I woke up and almost didn't believe the clock. He then proceeded to nurse like a champ, and has been sleeping now for almost an hour in his swing. I hope this new sleep pattern continues!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big boy!

Owen went to the doctor today for a weight check. I'm happy to report that he now weighs almost 8 pounds!!! He's getting to be a big boy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Watching the Skins with Daddy

He doesn't yet fit into the Redskins jersey Mommy bought him, but he still watched the game today. Too bad the Skins couldn't pull off a win.

There's always next week.

Waking up from a nap last week

I love when he wakes up so calmly like this. So cute.

Oh, and he did let me finish my sandwich. :)

Late post: First bath last week

This post is over a week late, but the pictures are so cute I must write about it. At Owen's 2-week checkup at the pediatrician, he got the go ahead for his first bath since his cord stump had fallen off. We were very excited to try out the tub that Grandma and Grandpa Marshall got him.

We set up the bath and got a fluffy towel ready. We had to work pretty fast because Owen was screaming the entire time.

He's had a few more baths since then and we're pleased to report that he's starting to enjoy them a little more than the first one!

Owen enjoys his bouncy seat

When Owen first came home he was too light to sit in his bouncy seat. But now that he's put on a little weight, he was able to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the bubbles, vibration, and music of the bouncy seat ~ a gift from my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Barry. Thanks so much ~ Owen loves it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Owen's photo gallery!!!

I LOVE the photos Jennifer Anderson took of Owen! They are posted in a gallery on her website if you'd like to take a look.

Go to:
Click on the “client proofs” link and enter the password: owen - all lower case letters

Feel free to order any prints you'd like directly from the gallery!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Owen enjoys his swing ~ thank you Grandma & Grandpa!

This afternoon Owen took a little nap in his swing, a gift from Grandma & Grandpa Killi. He enjoyed the womb sound while drifting off to sleep. :)

Owen's sneak peak!!!

Last week we had Jennifer Anderson come to our house to do a photoshoot of Owen. She is an incredibly talented baby photographer in our area. We had so much fun during his shoot! Owen was very alert, despite having just been fed before she arrived. He left a surprise on one of the blankets she used during the session, and also sprayed a tinkle fountain at one point. After relieving himself, he must have been relaxed enough to finally fall asleep. So luckily she was able to get some cute sleepy baby pics.

Here is a sneak peak on her blog:

She will be sending us a link to the complete set of session shots later this week. I have a feeling we might have a hard time choosing which pics to use on his announcement. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Owen's first VA winery visit

The weather was so beautiful today that we decided to take Owen out on his very first visit to a Virginia winery. We're lucky to live so close to so many great vineyards. Today we packed a picnic and went to Loudoun Valley Vineyards in Purcellville. Here are some pics: