Saturday, February 16, 2008

9w1d belly pic ~ it's getting BIGGER!

None of my old pants fit me anymore, so I've purchased a few pairs two sizes up to be prepared. :) Plus, I have the bella band to use with my old pants ~ you zip them up but leave them unbuttoned and then put the bella band around it (it's like a huge rubber band, but not super tight). It works, but I still feel weird walking around with my pants unbuttoned!!

Ben cooked me dinner for Valentine's Day. We had: shrimp scampi, cheese fondue with bread and apples for dipping, lobster tail, rice with mushrooms and garlic, and broccoli. It was a feast and he was a wonderful cook. Oh, and dessert! It was an enormous chocolate souffle with chocolate sauce. A glass of milk was the pefect accompanyment.

My mom and Grandma fly up from FL today so I am meeting them in Hershey. I'm having lunch with one of my highschool friends and am going to fill her in on my growing waistline. Then my mom is coming back here with me on Sunday and she'll accompany Ben and I to our 2nd OB appt where we'll hopefully hear the heartbeat! Keep your fingers crossed for us! I'll update the blog Monday night.

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