Saturday, August 15, 2009

Boating with Erica & Greg

Ben's parents were so sweet to let us borrow the boat today. We had perfect (hot!) weather to be out on the water. We all met up at the marina at noon and Greg started up the grill. He cooked up burgers and dogs and we had pasta salad, carrots & spinach dip, and chips to go with. Owen was really well-behaved. The bottle of sunscreen kept him entertained somehow while we finished eating.

Then we cleaned up our picnic and packed up for the boat. Once onboard, we set up the Pack 'N Play so Owen would have somewhere to go if he decided to nap. We pushed off and were out in the bay. Ben took us out a ways, and then we anchored so Ben could practice his diving off the back of the boat. He's so graceful.

Owen rode home topless again ~ he passed out as soon as we started driving...