Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not so lucky

Well, we weren't all so lucky after all. I caught Vivi's mystery bug on Wednesday night at 2am and was up puking until 4:30am. It SUCKED. Thank heavens for my incredible mother-in-law who dropped everything when I called at 7am saying I could barely get out of bed, let alone take the kids to Mom's Morning Out.

Grandma came over and played with the kids all day while I slept and tried to recover. I was only able to drink small amounts of apple juice and couldn't even try to eat until late that afternoon. I managed a piece of toast before Tish left for the day, and soon after, Ben came home early from work to take over kid-duty.

I was down for the count for two days and didn't start feeling better until Saturday. It amazed me how quickly Vivian was able to fight off whatever the heck virus we had contracted. Praying Ben, Owen & Tish don't get it.

Thank you Tish for being so wonderful!!

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