Sunday, March 2, 2008

11w4d belly pic

Doula Molly came over today for a visit and to check baby's heartbeat with the doppler. She said my belly is getting big and that I should take another belly shot - so here it is! I think I'm getting big because I haven't been working out (from week 6 until the beginning of week 11, I've felt so bad I couldn't drag myself to the gym). Now that the morning sickness is fading, it's time to get back.

Good news on the housing front - we got a contract on our place. Now we just have to hope all goes well with the home inspection and appraisal go well so we go to settlement on the 24th. We've been searching for our next move. So far we like 3 places in Ashburn. Tuesday we're going to see 5 places in Sterling and then we'll likely write a contract on our favorite. We're hoping to be in our new place by the beginning of April.

Can't wait to start decorating the nursery!!!

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