Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sleepy 5-year Anniversary morning & 37w3d belly pic

We're in the home stretch! This morning I gave Ben his anniversary present. The traditional anniversary gift for 5 years is wood, so I decorated a wooden box for us to keep all of our cards to each other. It's a love note box. :)

I have to wait for my gift, since Ben is going to be slaving away in the kitchen for several house later today to cook me a special anniversary dinner. It's a surprise menu, although I have a feeling the dessert will involve my favorite ~ coconut!!!

It's been awhile since we posted a belly pic, so this morning I had Ben take one for me. I had my 37-week OB appointment this past Monday, and I had actually lost 2 pounds. Yay!


Erica said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! Enjoy your day and your special meal :)

Piggy said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday by traveling all day from Phoenix back to DC, but we had a wonderful, relaxing long weekend. :)