Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A little bit crabby

My good friend Jen gave us this adorable outfit for Owen. I was waiting for the perfect day to put it on him, and Tuesday I got my opportunity.

We woke up yesterday and had a bottle, Mommy had breakfast. Then at 9am, Mommy took Owen up for his nap. When I got downstairs, I started my workout on the elliptical with the monitor on in the background. About 5 minutes into the workout, Owen starts babbling away and doesn't stop!

After about 15 minutes it was apparent that he wasn't going to nap, so I went up and brought him down to the basement, set him down on my exercise mat with toys and he watched me finish my workout. Then we got ready to go to my friend Stephanie's for our playdate.

I figured he would be "crabby" since he didn't have his morning nap, so I put him in the outfit from Jen. He only slept for 25 minutes on the way to and from Steph's house. And surprisingly, he wasn't all that crabby. :)

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