Saturday, February 6, 2010

January blizzard

So we left the 80-degree sunshine behind in Cancun to come home to the forecast of 12-24 inches. {sigh}

It started last night and continued all through the evening and all day today. Here is what our deck looked like at 9am:

It was almost as tall as Owen!

Ben took a very strategic approach to the ordeal of shoveling. He was out four times last night to keep up with it so that he would be able to tackle what would be waiting for him this morning. I got Owen bundled up to join his Daddy to help.

"Mommy, my mitten fell off. I think I'm ready to go inside."

But not before Daddy deposited him into the snow to see if he would sink.

He didn't sink. Too light still.

Then it was time to curl up and watch a movie. Ben picked up the animated movie UP at Blockbuster.

It was pretty good. The big pot of chili that Ben had put on the stove before we started the movie was pulling me away though, so I didn't catch the ending. But given how much snow we've gotten, I think I'll have plenty of time to watch it again.

Here's what the deck looked like at 4pm:

When it was all said and done we ended up with 29 inches. We have yet to see a plow. Grandma and Poppie's flight tomorrow is cancelled, and they are re-booked on the Monday afternoon flight. Hopefully the airport will be functioning by then.

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Mom said...

Do they make baby snow blowers??? I love the rosy cheeks!!