Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!!!

We were so excited to see the look on Owen's face this Christmas morning when he saw all his presents from Santa. One big gift captured his attention right away and kept it all day long. Santa knew just what he wanted this year. :)

We opened most of our presents (there were some we had forgotten about in the upstairs room which we're going to save for Vivi next year ~ Owen certainly won't miss them with all the other goodies he got this year) and then had our first Christmas breakfast as a family of four. Ben spent about an hour in the kitchen making yummy French toast, breakfast sausage, and hash browns. We plan on making it a tradition. It was amazing we were able to tear Owen away from the train table long enough to eat, but he had worked up an appetite! :)

After cleaning up, we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Marshall and Aunt Hillary. They had fun checking out Owen's new toys and he loved showing them how his trains worked. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around and playing with toys.

In the late afternoon we jumped online to Skype with my family down in FL. Poppy and Grandma Killi, Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Mike, and cousin Max were all online and they had waited to open the gifts from us. We had fun getting to spend time together and see each other on this special holiday.

Next year Owen will have just turned 3 and Vivi will be a year old ~ crazy. We cannot wait to see them enjoy every Christmas to come. Ben and I feel so incredibly blessed with such wonderful family and friends and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

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Andrea said...

aawww!! i had the biggest smile on my face watching that :)