Friday, March 4, 2011


We were finally able to enroll Owen in an ISR class. We had been interested ever since seeing it on the Today Show and then seeing how successful our friend's daughter Olivia has been since completing a similar program in Houston. She continues to amaze us and we are so excited that Owen will soon be swimming like this! The lessons are 10 minutes long, five days a week for five weeks. He'll be starting when we get back on Monday so to get some practice in first, we headed to the pool. The water was nice and warm since it is a heated pool and Owen had so much fun it was difficult to pull him out of the water to eat lunch!

Grandma treated us to lunch poolside and held Vivian while the three of us ate. Vivi got to wear one of her adorable swimsuits, but never actually made it into the water since she was having more fun snoozing. :)

We noticed that Owen has started to get the concept of holding his breath when he goes under the water since he was not coming up choking on the pool water anymore. He kept wanting us to throw him up in the air so Ben and I had a nice game of "catch" and it was definitely a good workout since he's thirty pounds now.

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