Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my Honey

My dad took me on the most important walk of my life at ten after 2pm on that rainy Saturday morning eight years ago today. I was so incredibly nervous that I would trip walking down the aisle. He handed me over to my soon-to-be husband and we made our way up to the alter.

Monsignor Beirster, the priest who married us, gave his homily and I will forever remember what he said that day.

and Be Fair.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't always remember those words on a daily basis. But I do always think of them when I remember our wedding day. They are things we work on in order to keep our marriage strong. And I thank Msgr Beirster for giving us that advice on our special day.

After the ceremony, we headed over to the Hershey Country Club for our reception. Ben chose this song for our bridal party to enter to and for us to be introduced for the first time as husband and wife:

Our reception was amazing. Very hot, but amazing. Tim, one of Ben's best friends from high school, was our Best Man and gave an awesome speech. It was a great way to kick off the party. We had dinner, and then it was time to hit the dance floor!

My dad and I had our father/daughter dance. I chose the song, he planned a surprise. Images from my childhood were displayed on a big screen behind us while we danced. It was so incredible. We laughed, we cried. And then he handed me over to Ben and said, "She's all yours." with a hug.

Ben and I shared our first dance as a married couple. It was so funny because we never took dance lessons, just winged it. Such a great song and it really fits us.

We cut the cake and promised to take care of each other in our old age. Ben is certainly living up to his end of the bargain. He cooks, takes care of me when I'm sick, does the dishes (usually), and always can make me smile. (We gotta work on sharing the remote control though.) :)

I love you honey and want to wish you a very Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the last 8 years and the five before that when we were dating...best 13 years of my life. But, they just keep getting better.

Can't wait to see what our future holds.



Wendy Boualem said...

That was so incredibly sweet. I'm crying reading it Jenn! Just beautiful! Don't you love being married?

sara wynn said...

Tyler still remembers share, care, fair!! Such a beautiful wedding... so thankful you let me borrow your amazing dress! I remember you said we could start a tradition and now we have daughters :) your post made me cry, too. Hope you had a happy anniversary. Love you, Jenn!