Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hersheypark 2011

Grandma and Poppy had some Hersheypark tickets to use, so we were glad to tag along with them. :)

Owen started off a little nervous about the kiddie rides, but after Poppy took him on the first one - the little train - he was excited about trying some more. He then went on the fire truck (twice), the helicopter, the log flume (with Mommy and Grandma), the bees, the pirate ship, and the carousel. He even got a hug from the Reese's Cup guy! By the end he was so tired and couldn't walk anymore, so I put Vivi in the baby Bjorn since she had already napped in the stroller, and Owen got a ride back to the car.

It was a very fun day and we were all hoping to get a little nap when we got home. But of course that did not happen.
It was so worth it though. :)

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