Thursday, August 9, 2012

A special Tea Party

Aunt Hillary and Grandma came over today to do a special tea party for Owen & Vivian. They made adorable little tea sandwiches, fruit tea, and a bunch of cute little desserts. The kids had a ball! Grandma had found a pretty tea pot patterned fabric which my mom and I sewed into a little tablecloth especially for the occasion.

Vivian had just woken up from her nap (hence the messy hair and rosey cheeks) and Owen was away all morning (until 2pm actually) at camp so he came in to find the surprise that they had put together while he wasn't home. They gobbled up turkey & cheese sandwiches, tiny tuna melts with cheese and tomatos on top, and cucumber salad sandwiches. So fun!!

The look on the kids' faces when Aunt Hillary & Grandma brought out the dessert tower was priceless! They were so excited. Thank you so much to Aunt Hillary and Grandma for such a special playdate (and for babysitting so that I could get some work done upstairs!)! You're the best!

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