Friday, August 17, 2012

Our week in Hilton Head

We had so much fun on vacation this week in Hilton Head, SC. Mornings were spent on the beach, wading in the tide pools with the kids and swimming in the calm warm water. Afternoons consisted of feeding the kids lunch and putting them down for naps, then taking turns relaxing on the beach while the kids snoozed. We usually took a dip in the pool in the late afternoon and took turns cooking various yummy dishes for dinner. One night we went out to dinner while the grandparents watched the babies.

Owen was sick the second night and Vivian caught it a few days later, but it was nothing more than a 24-hr virus and they both rebounded really well. They did much better than expected on the drive down and the drive home, despite a few moments of screaming over whose turn it was with the ipad, and Ben was a trooper to drive the entire way both times.

Us cousins spent two nights (after putting all the babies down for the night) playing Cranium until we were doubled over laughing. 

Even though we saw more palmetto bugs than I'd like to remember, it was an incredible family reunion vacation week and we were so thankful to have spent the time with our family at the beach this summer. We look forward to the next one!!

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