Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby boy's first official concert

So Friday afternoon before we left for Michael & Maria's wedding, I was checking my email and had a message from the Dave Matthews Band listserve. I noticed that he was in Hershey that night and it brought back memories from the three times I went to his show at Hersheypark Stadium. Those were some good times.

I then saw that he was going to be in Virginia the next night, and commented to Ben how I'd love to go to the show, but didn't think anyone would be able to join me on such late notice. And I didn't think I'd be able to get tickets since it was a sold out show. That's when Ben told me that EB was still trying to sell his 2 tickets. At that point I was determined to go! Since he was going to be tied up at his annual golf outing with the guys, I sent an email out to Molly, Missy and Heather to see if anyone was interested and available to be my date to the concert. I think Mol was working this weekend because I haven't heard from her, and Heather is crazy and responded she doesn't like DMB, but amazingly Missy was free and was up for going with me!

We drove out last night around 5 and got there by 6, parked by 6:45 and had some dinner before going into the pavillion to our seats. We had such good seats!! Front and center right above the really expensive seats that were tables with waitresses all night. We had a clear view of the stage and got to see Dave doing his signature dance move. It was such a good show and I commented to Missy how it'll be like our parents talking about the Beatles when we tell our kids about how we loved DMB. I think baby boy enjoyed the show ~ he danced to almost all the songs! And I wasn't the only pregnant lady at the concert ~ we saw two others who were definitely pregnant, and one other who maybe was. :)

The only thing that sucked was getting out of the parking lot. Took us about an hour and a half, even though we left before the encore to try to beat the crowds. That and the fact that you weren't supposed to bring cameras in, so I don't have any pics. Otherwise we had a great time!!

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