Thursday, April 30, 2009

Owen is SO BIG!!!

I got this idea for a picture from our good friends Tim & Andrea. They have an adorable little girl, Olivia, and have taken this same shot of her. Now, I know that I'm short, but Owen is almost as tall as my legs!

Thanks Grandma Killi for the cute outfit!! :)


Piggy said...

I had heard that if you double the height at two years old, that's how tall your child will be as an adult. If that's true, Drea was already past my height by the time she was a year old! She definitely got her height and slim build from Justin. :D

sara wynn said...

I noticed owen looked really long in the picture with Great Gma Marshall - he is getting so big! Still adorable though, and I love that he is always smiling! You're a great Mommy, Jen!