Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Owen's 2nd trip to Florida

This past week and a half Mommy and Owen have been in Florida visiting Grandma and Grandpa (and Uncle Mikey and Aunt Lindsey) while Ben joined us for the weekend in Orlando (a birthday present for the four of us kids from my mom and dad).

I was a little nervous about traveling down and back with Owen by myself, but he did really well! We stayed with my mom and dad while they were in the midst of a kitchen renovation project. Needless to say, Owen didn't have a problem napping through the construction noise. :)

We got to see our good friends Tony and Dotty and their daughter Andrea and her husband Troy and their baby Wyatt. The babies had fun grabbing at each other's hair or feet. They were funny to watch.

Orlando was so much fun! The first day we just relaxed and unpacked. Then on Friday we all went to Epcot together. Grandma and Grandpa took turns waiting with Owen while us kids rode the rides. On Saturday Grandma and Grandpa babysat Owen all day so that Ben, Mike, Lindsey and I could go to Universal Studios. We got the "Express Line" passes so that we didn't have to wait in line at any of the rides and it was definitely worth it. Everyone had a blast and we're looking forward to doing another family vacation next year.

Here are some pictures from our time in Florida (in random order):

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