Sunday, April 26, 2009

Richmond Wine Festival

This weekend we drove down to Richmond to visit our good friends Alevia and TJ and Sarah and Mark. Erica & Greg and Amy & Matt also made the trip. Despite the 90-degree heat and sun, we had a fabulous time tasting wine (whites mostly). After a couple of hours we couldn't stand the heat any longer, so we ventured back to Alevia and TJ's house to hang out in their awesome backyard. The little ones enjoyed themselves on the playground and by giving hugs. :) We ordered pizza and after everyone finished eating and the kids were asleep (sortof - Owen woke up a couple times, eventually falling asleep for good at 10pm) the games started! We played Cornhole, Battle of the Sexes and another game Sarah introduced us to ~ somewhat like charades but way more fun. Everyone had a great time and I'm already starting to plan our next get together.


Piggy said...

Awww, what a sweet video! :D

sbruscia said...

Killi! Thanks so much for posting pictures. It was so great to have you guys down for a visit. Cannot wait to get together again soon.