Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday BBQ w/ Steph, Scott, and SC

Today we had such a fun day!! Our good friends Steph, Scott, and Sarah Catherine came over for a late afternoon BBQ. The weather was perfect. The babies loved playing together and the adults got in a few games of cornhole in between drinks and dinner. We put the babies in the froggy pool for a little swim before we ate. At one point Owen just stood up on his own in the pool! It happened so fast and I was so surprised that I wasn't able to catch it on camera.

Later we took the Pack 'N Play outside on the deck to contain the babies while we ate. It worked out perfectly! Before they left while Ben explained the exciting world of WOW to Scott, I propped Owen up, let go, and all of a sudden he was standing all by himself! I caught the tail end of the stand on video. I think we may have a walker on our hands in the coming weeks!

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Piggy said...

So much fun! I remember walking into Drea's room one day to pick her up after her nap and being greeted by a happy baby standing in her crib. I ran right to get my camera and snapped a photo. :D