Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My baby went to his first day of "pre-school" today!!! We were lucky enough to get into the extremely popular Babygarten program at the library and today was the first class. He has the same teacher who teaches his music class at the library on Mondays. Today he was much more attentive, as he had taken a somewhat decent nap before class.

We sang nursery rhymes, read a book about animals and the sounds they make, played with maracas, and at the end got to play with a ton of toys that the teacher poured onto the carpet. He had a ball! Looking forward to next week's class. :)

After class, we met Daddy at PartyCity to buy some decorations for Owen's little birthday party. I swear, I feed my child. I was opening the door to the backseat to get him out and give him a snack when I caught him snacking on something else: