Thursday, September 17, 2009


Every Thursday morning at the Dulles Town Center, a children's rock music group, ROCKNOCEROS, puts on a free concert. Free! Did I mention that it's free??? You know how much I LOVE free stuff. TONS.

Rocknoceros is super cool. Think Guster meets Sesame Street. Only cooler. They sing about fun things like colors, counting, and going potty. Can't wait until I can put the potty song to good use. :)

We found out about the concert when we struck up a conversation with some cool moms we met at the park last week. They invited us to join them last week and again this morning, so we went and Owen had so much fun. Owen crawled up to many random kids and grabbed their toy instruments right out of their hands. I guess I learned that I need to get him some toy instruments and I need to remember to bring them to the concerts!

At one point, he almost crawled right up on stage. It was awesome. You'll know where to find us every Thursday morning at 11am from now on.

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