Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday in Hershey

Today we drove up to Hershey to see my mom's side of the family. My Aunt Sue & Uncle Dave were in town from Ohio, along with my cousin Adam (their son), his wife Tina, and their new adorable baby girl, Anna. My Aunt Barbara & Uncle Barry and cousins Sara and Kristen were also in town from Atlanta. (We missed Kristen since she caught a flight back while we were driving up.)

It was my cousin Alexandra's 12th birthday too, so the family was gathering to celebrate at my Aunt Liz's house. My Grandma made a lasagna and Aunt Liz made a turkey soup and everyone ate and caught up. Alex and her sister Faith had their friend Erin over and Owen was just in heaven flirting and playing with the girls. (A sign of things to come???)

We had a great time, but decided to head home rather than stay the night since Owen didn't sleep well on the drive there and I was worried he wouldn't sleep well during the night. I thought he'd sleep better in his crib at home.

Here are some pictures from our visit:

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