Monday, November 2, 2009

Naptime and bedtime

My two most favorite times are, without a doubt, naptime and bedtime. We have settled into a sleepy time routine.

(Mushy mommy talk coming up.)

I love giving Owen his little lamb nap blanket. It's like my signal to him that it is time to sleep. He reaches for it and giggles, pulling it close to his chest. I turn on his fan for white noise. Then I hand him his paci which he promptly puts in his mouth, cradle him in my arms and sit down in the glider to rock.

For naptime, it usually takes him about 4 minutes to drift off to sleep. I love watching his eyes get heavy. He always looks so incredibly peaceful and content. I often have to force myself to get up and put him down in his crib because I could hold him and stare at him sleeping for hours. We've been down to one nap now since right around 12 months. He'll usually sleep for two hours, sometimes three.

At bedtime, we always do a bath first. After I wrap him up in his hooded towel and brush his teeth, we head into the nursery for a diaper, some baby lotion, and his snuggly jammies. I turn on the fan, then, as if on cue, when I'm putting on his pj's and singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" to him, he starts yawning. It is so incredibly cute.

Then we grab the little lamb blanket and paci and sit down to rock in the glider. I love that glider. Best piece of furniture any pregnant woman could buy, in my opinion, is an awesome glider. At bedtime I usually tickle him softly on the side of his belly because I just melt when he giggles in response. And I love to end the day with a smile.

We rock for a few minutes, but I don't rock him to sleep at night. I put him down in his crib after giving him a good-night kiss and falls asleep on his own. We are so lucky that he is, and always has been, an incredible sleeper. Even now, when he has 6, yes 6, teeth coming in at once, he is still sleeping through the night perfectly. My little sleepy boy.

My other favorite time is when he wakes up because 9 times out of 10, he is happy, smiley, and so excited to see me. :)

(This is from Tuesday morning last week. It was the latest he had EVER slept in, 9:15am. And that was after going to bed at his usual 7pm bedtime. I had heard him stirring on the monitor, and figured it was probably time he got up. He has his bunny blanket with him, but since he needed it to sleep at daycare, we left that one at daycare and got him another one for home. Only problem was that they were out of the bunny one so we had to get the lamb. I don't think he notices they're different. :)


The Lang Gang Blog said...

He is undoubtedly the most perfect child with a fabulous mommy and daddy and it's so much fun to see him in video on your blog. You write so beautifully and then to be able to see just what you're talking about is precious. We look forward to it every day. Don't stop! And give Owen a great big kiss for us. We love you all, Mom and DAd

Marti said...

Jenn, How cute Owen is and what a wonderful video! I hope we will be able to see you soon.