Saturday, November 14, 2009

Congratulations Carla & Mike!!!

Carla and Mike got married today! Carla was such a gorgeous bride and Mike a very handsome groom.

We kept Owen quiet during the ceremony by means of a paci, board books, and Cheerios. That was almost a miracle. There was one thing Mommy didn't foresee....farts. Oh joy! At times it was so quiet in the church, we were SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY that our little man didn't let one rip. Well, to be honest, he actually let a little one slip. And a few silent ones. Very embarrassing, but things considered, he was a little angel in church.

After the beautiful ceremony, we hopped over to Amy's with Mark and Sarah for a quick visit. She and Matt were getting ready for her Mom's surprise graduation party and were happy to see us. It was nice to get to see them on such short (5 minute!) notice. :)

Then Sarah, Mark, Ben and Owen and I headed up to The Hotel Hershey to have a drink and get Owen dinner at the Fountain Cafe. Our plan was to thoroughly exhaust him so that my Grandma wouldn't have to chase him around when we brought him home for the evening before returning to the hotel for the reception. The plan worked like a charm! We got Owen home around 5:45 and were back in time for the cocktail hour (Mommy even had time for a wardrobe change!).

The reception was so elegant and so much fun!! We danced until almost midnight to an awesome 12-piece band before wishing them an amazing honeymoon (they'll have an incredible time in St. Lucia ~ they're going to the same resort Ben and I went to ~ Sandals!)

Owen slept so well during the night and woke up a happy baby ready to play with his Great Grandma.

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