Friday, May 7, 2010

Basketball hoop & Poppy's tractor!

Mommy wanted to visit baby Nate and Molly & Tim again, so Aunt Hillary, Grandma and Poppy offered to babysit. Little did Owen know, there were a few surprises waiting for him. Grandma had made a quick visit to Toys R Us and picked out a Little Tikes basketball set and a Fisher Price golf set!

Owen LOVES both, but spent more time with the basketball set than the golf set. Might we have a future Michael Jordon on our hands? We'll see ~ both his Poppys played basketball in highschool and Ben and I think he may end up having the height for it.

He also got to ride on Poppy's "tractor" while he was there! He had so much fun he was pooped by the time we got home at 8pm. Thanks so much Grandma, Poppy and Aunt Hillary! Looking forward to spending some more time together tomorrow on the boat!

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