Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My cousin Faith received a Hersheypark ticket in her report card when school ended last week, and she was so sweet to give it to me so that I could take Owen to Hersheypark for the day. We met up with Aunt Liz, Faith, and Alex around 10:15am and headed over to the park.

Owen loved the tram ride from the parking lot to the main gate. We made our way inside and he was in awe of the people, the rides, and the sounds of the park. Alex and Faith wanted to ride some roller coasters, so we split up for an hour so that I could take Owen on some kiddie rides. He started on the dinosaurs, then did the space ship, and finally the fire engine. By the time he did the fire engine he was done. I was so nervous because he almost wiggled his way out of the seat belt. Thankfully he made it off the ride in one piece and we went over to do the carousel together.

We met back up with Aunt Liz and Faith and Alex and walked over towards the water park area. The girls rode another coaster while Owen and I took a break for lunch. We made plans to meet up with them later that afternoon since Alex had to go to her theater camp.

After having lunch (Subway for me, hotdog for Owen), we got a locker and changed into our swimsuits and jumped into the huge wave pool. Owen loved jumping when the waves crashed into him. But there was more to do so we went over to the kiddie area where we found a gigantic sand castle structure with sprayers and slides. Next to it was a kiddie wave pool and wide slide which Owen gravitated to. After going down the slide with him about 10 times, I decided I had had enough but he wasn't done yet. So I opted to let him go by himself and I stood at the bottom to catch him. He did so well! He even got some cheers from onlookers when he went down by himself, it was so cute.

We had so much fun at Hersheypark! I was just sad that Ben wasn't there to enjoy it with us, but I'm sure we'll make another visit sometime later this summer.

I was nervous about taking our DSLR camera to the park, but my parents let me borrow theirs to take a few snapshots of Owen. Wish I could have gotten the waterpark area, but maybe next time.

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