Tuesday, August 31, 2010


6 months down, less than 3 months to go! It has flown by so far. I cannot believe that in less than three months we will be holding our baby girl in our arms. We are still no where near making a final decision on her name. I fear it will be an endless discussion - that is, right up until the last month when I'll put my foot down and say we need to come to an agreement. :)


Katie Sanner said...

you look GREAT!!!! hopefully i'll see your six month self at pilates next week! :) i'll have my eight month body there!!

sbruscia said...

Killi -- you look great. Keep the pics coming. It's nice to see (and hear) how you are doing!

Andrea said...

WOW I can't believe you are already 6 months!! You look absolutely amazing and can't wait to meet your little girl :)