Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poop problems

Owen had his second episode of being very constipated. He didn't go at all on Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday evening Ben said he was fussy after dinner trying to produce a poop, so I suggested giving him a PediaLax strip and some water.

I got back from my business trip at midnight last night. This morning after breakfast he was again crying and trying to go, so I gave him another strip and tried to push water and juice. Off to daycare he went.

When I picked him up today at 5pm, I was surprised to hear that he hadn't pooped all day. After those two strips, I thought he would definitely go.

We got home and I gave him a snack of prunes and apple juice. This should definitely work. An hour later, after screaming cries from our little man, I gave him a pediatric enema to help move things along and make him feel better. He immediately passed a hard golf-ball sized poo.

I knew there had to be more in there, so we gave it time. We played in the family room and about an hour later it happened. Owen produced the most massive poop he has ever made. I don't even know how that much poop could have been inside of him. Poor little man.

He's happy again. We hope this doesn't happen again. Both for his sake, and for yours - so you don't have to read about his poop again on the blog. :)

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