Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feeling like a really bad mom

Owen and I went shopping this afternoon while Ben watched some football and took a break from Daddying (he had been on Owen-duty all day since I was at a consignment sale volunteering). After Target and DSW, we were ready to head home.

When we got home, I asked Owen if he wanted to check out his new stroller. I had found the exact double stroller I wanted at the consignment sale and Ben had unloaded it from the car into the garage. So we went out to the garage and I opened the garage door to get some fresh air. Owen started walking around the garage, and I began fumbling with the stroller trying to get it open (it was folded and locked). Next thing I know, I look over and Owen is taking off down the driveway in his tricycle.

No, he doesn't know how to ride it yet. And no, he didn't have a helmet on.

I freaked out and started running after him. Screaming my head off.

Luckily, when he reached the bottom of the driveway he turned right and leaned over, falling sideways and scraping his cheek on the sidewalk. I scooped him up and kissed him and tried to calm him down. Poor little man. :( I feel horrible about the whole thing.

We came inside and filled his boo-boo bunny with an ice cube and put it on his cheek. He didn't bleed very much, but he's got one very rosy cheek. And one very sad mommy even though it didn't take him more than 5 minutes to get over it.

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sbruscia said...

Killi -- crazy girl, you are not a bad mom. That's what kids do. Get into trouble in a matter of seconds! You were right there and able to swoop him up after he got into trouble. You are a great mom.