Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Daddy is in California with Uncle Mike this weekend at the WOW Convention. (Yes, they are big nerds.) So Owen and I were on our own. We got up bright and early and headed out to a nearby pumpkin patch. In fact, it was the very same one we went to last year. Only last year, Owen was free. This year, he was $13. Fun. Wait until you hear what we got for our $26 admission...

We started off at the farm area to check out the animals. He wasn't very into it, surprisingly. He normally loves seeing the animals at the farm we often visit and the zoo, but today he just was not enjoying it. So we headed over to the little playground which he LOVED of course. It was hard for me to tear him away, but we managed to make it over to the apple stand where we got dixie cups of cider. Owen kept asking for more. I was finally able to tear him away by telling him we'd see a tractor, then he followed me happily.

Once we got to the line for the hayride, he told me he didn't want to ride. So we headed over to another area of the patch where they had a moonbounce slide for little kids in the shape of a fire engine. Thought he might try it, but nope. So back to the playground we went. After awhile we headed back to the apple stand for round two - more cider and an apple for each of us. I didn't think he'd actually want to eat his apple, but he insisted and he actually did great with it! It was the first time he ate a raw apple by biting into it all around instead of having it cut into little pieces for him.

After we ate our apples, we decided to pick out our free pumpkins and take some pictures before going home. It was a fun morning and got me in the Halloween mood. :)

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