Thursday, April 28, 2011

Owen can swim!

Owen had his second to last ISR swim lesson today and he did GREAT! (We had a minor setback two weeks ago when his instructor attempted to do fall-ins with him and it scared him. So after taking two days plus spring break week off, he got right back into it this week and was again swimming like a champ after taking the first two days back a little easy.)

He did his test yesterday with clothes and shoes on, and of course I forgot the good camera and only had my phone to take videos with. Unfortunately they all were too big to email to myself in order to try to post, so I will have to go out to the AT&T store at some point to get the USB cable that will allow me to download the pictures and videos that have been accumulating on my phone's memory card. I'll get to that some day.

All in all, his swimming skills went from about nothing (other than being able to hold his breath under water) to being able to swim, float, swim in a matter of 5 weeks. It's a pretty amazing program and we are so fortunate to have been able to enroll Owen. Maybe we have a future backstroker or water polo player on our hands? Only time will tell!

I was sure to put the camera in my purse and charge its battery while I was at work so that I would be able to tape Owen's lesson today. We are so proud of how far he has come in such a short amount of time!

(Sorry for my crummy camera skills - I was trying to watch him at the same time as I was filming which clearly wasn't the best idea. Notice as he gets into his float in the middle of the pool he looks up and over at my and smiles then gets all excited and squeals before swimming to the side. Funnyman.)

Tomorrow is his final lesson with Miss Nancy and I'll be getting in the water with him so that she can show me how to practice with him. Then on Sunday morning he starts lessons at Carlile Swimming, so we'll see how he does in a class with three other preschoolers. :)

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