Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma and Potty training Day 5

Today is Grandma Marshall's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Grandma! We baked her some special cranberry chocolate chip biscotti on Wednesday and are looking forward to going out to brunch on Sunday as a family to celebrate.

Ben had to work today (boo!) and Owen's swim school was actually open today, so we had a lazy morning in our pj's working on potty training. Vivi went down for her morning nap as usual around 9:15am, and Owen and I hung out and played. I could tell that he needed to do #2, so I kept urging him to use the potty. We had a little tantrum and he finally relented and sat. When he did it, he looked over at me and said: I made poop! Want to see?! I couldn't stop laughing! And cheering for him! Soooo happy.

Just as we were finishing up washing hands, Vivi woke up. We went upstairs to get her changed and ready to go to swimming, when Owen got this look on his face like he had to go again. I was in the middle of changing Vivian's diaper, so I told Owen to run downstairs to his potty and go! He listened, and I was in shock when I saw what came out. He must have felt REALLY good after that one. Daddy got another lovely report (with pictures). And Owen got tons of praise, high-fives, and a big Lightning McQueen sticker to put on his chart.

Perfect timing too, because we had just enough time to get packed up and over to the swim school. You know what the first thing he told his teacher was? You guess it: I made poo-poo and pee-pee on the potty! So proud.

We had a good day at home the rest of the afternoon and Ben came home from work early. He got out the Christmas decorations and put lights on the outside of the house and we got the tree up. Me and Vivi have acquired Owen's cold, so now we're pretty miserable. But it was still a fun night decorating the tree while we listened to Christmas music and ate Thanksgiving leftovers.

Warm and cozy!

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