Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Potty training Day 3

Today we have painters coming to paint the ceiling in the upstairs hallway, foyer, and Owen's room where we had water damage from our roof leak. Lucky for us, the insurance agency covered the roof replacement and we had enough money left over to get the paint job done as well.

Unlucky for me, this most likely means another day of no nap for Owen. We had a good morning of potty success - lots of pee-pee on the potty and only one little wet accident. It was a little challenging to juggle dealing with the painters, Vivi's nap (because I had to go around the painters and all their equipment) and keeping tabs on Owen, but we made due. I decided that the timer was working well, and I needed to stick to a more consistent reward system, so I made sure to remember to set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes and whenever he went on the potty, he got to choose a sticker to put on his chart. This seemed to help reinforce the good behavior of using the potty.

In the afternoon, the painters left and I pulled Owen's mattress, pillows, and blanket down to the family room so that he could try to nap. Vivi took her afternoon nap, and Owen laid down while I checked email. Poor kiddo is trying to tackle potty training and he's also fighting a nasty cold. I was really hoping he could get some rest since it was pretty cloudy out and the family room was fairly dark once I pulled the blinds shut. But, he had more important things to do! He came over to the potty twice to pee, and then a third time - for a big poop! YAY! More celebratory texts to Daddy!!! :)
(Pardon the outfits, we've spent the week pretty much in jammies since it's potty training week.)

I think we're starting to make some good progress. Owen has started to get annoyed with my constant reminders of: "let's go sit on the potty!". He often replies, "not yet Mommy". So I do think he's starting to get it.

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