Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vivian is 11 months old!

* Wearing 12-mo & 18-mo clothes
* Size 5 diapers
* Drinking 26-28 oz of formula a day
* Has her two bottom teeth and just this week cut one of her top middle
* Sits in her high chair to eat meals with us
* Loves Cheerios, puffs, yogurt melts and YoBaby yogurt
* Actually drinking the water out of her sippy now at mealtime
* Still sleeping with her paci, sleepy giraffe, and silky blankie
* Starting to laugh more easily for us, especially after meals and in the bath
* Still not fond of diaper changes, but less squirmy this month
* Crawling fast now, going straight to anything that she can pull herself up to standing with
* Can stand up on her own for awhile and loves to wave her arms to show how good she is at balancing :)
* Started walking - can take 5-6 steps before falling on her bottom
* Enjoys walking while holding onto our hands, even giggles sometimes while doing it
* Loves giving sloppy open-mouth kisses ~ so cute
* Says "da", "ma-ma" and "ba" and is starting to point at things
* Smiles when I use baby sign language with her
* Favorite playmate is her brother

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