Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started off with some cleaning by Mommy while Vivian napped and Owen & Daddy did some last-minute shopping. Then it was lunchtime and time to get ready for the big afternoon & evening ahead of us.

We met up with Kelly, Kayla, Ryan and Jen at the Children's service at the Methodist church down the street from our house. They were having a live nativity scene outside and then a children's choir singing about the story of the birth of Jesus, which we thought was perfect for the kids this year. It was a beautiful service, and Owen was very into it all, so that was fun to see. Our plan was for the kids to skip their naps so that they would sleep on the drive over to Grandma & Grandpa's after church, but Vivi fell asleep in my arms at church during "Silent Night" (how appropriate!) and Owen fought sleep the entire drive he was so excited, so he never had a nap.

We had appetizers and then a lovely dinner with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Hillary. They had very strategically "wrapped" the doorway between the kitchen and the family room with Santa/Frosty paper which Owen commented on several times. :) After everyone ate, we heard jingle bells outside and knew that Santa and the sleigh had flown by! We headed into the family room to see if Santa had stopped in. And boy, did he!!!

Santa had left Owen a John Deere tractor with a trailer to haul stuff! He was over the moon. We spent the next hour opening gifts and toys for the kids. Santa remembered the tow truck that Owen asked him for when he sat on his lap at Clyde's last week! Vivian got a little overwhelmed at one point, but we made it through by giving her a bottle and then it was time to head home for bedtime. Santa had left the tractor plugged in so that it could get a full battery charge, so Grandma and Grandpa agreed to bring it out to us tomorrow so that Owen could try it out. :)

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone!

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