Sunday, December 11, 2011

The last sticker in the pack

* Wearing some 12-mo & mostly 18-mo clothes
* Size 5 diapers
* Drinking whole milk (mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with the remainder of the formula we have) in bottles at breakfast and bedtime, but we're starting to wean to just sippys
* Has three teeth with the forth cutting through and waking her up in the middle of the night this week :(
* Sits in her high chair to eat meals with us
* Loves Cheerios, bread, bananas, pears, and YoBaby yogurt
* Drinks water out of her sippy at mealtime
* Still sleeping with her paci, sleepy giraffe, and silky blankie
* Still not fond of most diaper changes, but less squirmy
* Not that happy about being in her carseat for trips that involve multiple stops. I've learned that she can only really tolerate one errand a day.
* LOVES walking around everywhere, usually leans over when you're holding her to signal she wants down
* LOVES bathtime and splashes around constantly
* Still enjoys giving sloppy open-mouth kisses on command ~ so cute
* Is more and more vocal every day. I think now that she's mastered (for the most part) walking, she's ready to focus on learning to talk
* Started signing this week!!! Signs "milk" often and "eat" once.
* Favorite playmate is her brother. Most of the time. :)

12-Month Stats:
Weight ~ 23 pounds, 12 oz
Height ~ 28 & 3/4 in
Head ~ 18 & 1/2 in

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