Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Grandma and Grandpa graciously agreed to babysit for us tonight so that we could go out for a festive New Year's Eve with Kelly & Matt (and this crazy dude, Juan).

Juan's wife Steph knows the staff at Stones Cove Kitbar in Herndon, so we were hooked up all night with awesome food and fun drinks. It is a unique restaurant/bar in that the kitchen is the center of the restaurant, and the tables are different sections of bars surrounding the kitchen so you get to see your food being prepared. We got to try the lobster cones, filet of beef sliders, and mackinac and spinach & artichoke flatbreads. All the food was delicious, we are already looking forward to going back again sometime.

We were actually going to stay up to see the ball drop ~ can't remember the last time we did that! (Little did we know, Owen would also stay up to see the ball drop! Who knew he could keep his little eyes open that long!?) I took a few photos with my Blackberry and let me just say that they were pretty funny to look through the next day. :)

Such a fun night with old friends and new friends Juan, Steph, Katie and Brett. Thank you so much to Grandma and Grandpa for staying over to babysit so we could have a night out.

I need to think about my New Year's resolutions. I am going to write them down this year in hopes of actually accomplishing them. In the past when I've taken the time to write down goals, it makes me more accountable and I tend to follow through better.

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