Monday, April 7, 2008

He'll have lots of older women to flirt with!

So since we're having a boy, I started to think of all my friends who have (or are having) baby girls. There are SO MANY! See for yourself:

Kelly & Matt - Kayla
Alevia & TJ - Alevia Marie
Kathy & Geoff - Sofie
Steve & Shannon - Madison
Claudia & Matteo - Drea
Nanc & Joe - Jenna
Tina & Chris - Alexa and Christina
Jaymi & Michael - Ella, Josie and Maci
Steph & Scott - baby girl on the way
Kyla & Todd - baby girl on the way
Andrea & Troy - TBD in September (my guess is a baby girl!)

My apologies if I've left anyone out, but I think I've accounted for all our friends with baby girls. Ben says that all those playdates with baby girls will be practice for when he starts dating. Way in the future.

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