Monday, May 12, 2008

Memorable 1st Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I will never forget mine.

We woke up on Mother's Day morning and although we didn't see Riley around, we didn't think much of it. Until an hour or so later when my mom mentioned that the door was open last night when she came back in from walking Tucker. The door doesn't latch very easily (you have to really make sure it's closed), so we'll definitely be taking a trip to Home Depot to get that fixed.

So Sunday morning we ran around the neighborhood searching for him and calling his name shaking a bag of treats. I was so upset, especially because he's an indoor cat and because of that he doesn't wear a collar or tags, I worried we would never find him. I told every neighbor I saw that we lost him and to please let us know if they saw him. One guy even got in his car and drove around looking for him! Everyone was so nice. I was in tears as I told people.

After an hour of walking around the neighborhood, I went back to the house to call and email the Human Society and the Animal Shelter with pictures and a description while Ben, Mom and Dad continued to comb the neighborhood. I got those emails out and then went back out to join the search party. After two hours of looking, I was walking back towards our house and got a call on my cell. The woman calling was someone from Animal Control wanting to get more info on Riley. She asked me questions and I answered her trying to keep my composure. I was still looking all around me as I was on the phone with her walking up the sidewalk by our house when I looked over at a neighbor's deck and saw Riley's head peeking out. I couldn't believe I had found him!!! He was dirty and scared - and seemed very happy to see me after having been outside for 12 hours.

My first priority today is to get him a collar and tags. Then I'm going to look into the microchip thing the vet can put under his skin. I had never lost a pet before and am just so happy to have him home! That experience definitely made it a Mother's Day to remember!

Curt, Tish, and Hillary came over after we found Riley and we had a lovely brunch together. Ben and I gave the Grandmas-to-be tee shirts that say "Ask me about my Grandson" in blue. The Marshalls gave Ben and I our baby bedding set, some cute bibs, and a fish and net bath toy! We can't wait to set up the nursery and they gave us an awesome start.

Here are some pics from our Saturday out on Curt and Tish's new boat. Hillary just got home and it was great to spend time together. After a beautiful afternoon of boating, Ben, my mom and dad and I drove home stopping in Annapolis for dinner (crabs and ribs!) and ice cream. We had a very fun day.

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