Wednesday, May 7, 2008

21 week belly pic - Mommy and Riley

I am getting bigger by the minute. This is my 21 week belly shot. Riley was feeling left out, so he gets one too. Here he is lounging in the sun at Grandma's house this past weekend.

I don't know what it is about being pregnant that attracts police officers, but I have been pulled over twice in the past week. Once for speeding (by accident, of course) on Chocolate Avenue on my way to meet Amy O. and Tina for breakfast at the Hershey Pantry. Luckily, the cop pulled me over right in front of the restaurant. Lights flashing and everything. Tina comes running out and says to the officer, "You can't give her a ticket! She's pregnant!". Yes, she knew the guy. Thank heaven! It would have been an expensive ticket. Tina is a lifesaver. And a big thank you to Amy too for encouraging Tina to rush out and reprimand the officer for doing his job. :)

I had a wonderful time visiting Grandma, my Aunt Liz, Uncle Kurt, cousins, Amy O., Tina, Amy L. and Cindy. It was so nice to see everyone! And I of course made a run to Chocolate World while I was in town to stock up on some goodies.

My mom and dad are coming to visit tomorrow, so I'm excited about them seeing the house for the first time. And my pregnant belly. I'll be cleaning all day tomorrow since it's pretty much a mess right now and we all know how Linda feels about a messy house!

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