Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loudoun Valley Vineyards for lunch

This afternoon we wanted to get some fresh air, so we headed out to one of our favorite vineyards, Loudoun Valley, for their chili and wine afternoon. When we got there, Owen had a playmate! The winemaker's son was there and he and Owen were almost the same age so they had fun running around together. Owen was even treated to a juice box and cupcake too! Ben and I enjoyed the chili and each had a glass of Traminette to go with. Then Vivi and I hung out inside watching Ben and Owen run around outside with the soccer ball Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Mike sent him for Christmas.

Luckily Owen stayed awake on the drive home and took a long nap. Vivi and I got out to do a little shopping and then called it a day. What a great start to our weekend.

Vivi has been sleeping like a champ lately. Two 8-hour nights and one 9-hour night this week!!! Here's hoping this trend continues! :)

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