Friday, February 25, 2011

Sleepy lamb

Since Ben has been in California all week, I've had to learn how to juggle both kids during bath and bedtime. I came up with a system where I would take Vivi up with us in her bouncy seat, and then get Owen into the tub first before putting her in (in her baby tub inside the big tub).

Tonight when we were getting ready to head up to the bathroom, I grabbed Owen's sleepy lamb and put it on Vivi's lap as we marched up the stairs. We got upstairs and I started to fill up the tub. As I looked over at Vivian, she was cuddling with sleepy lamb. It was the sweetest thing to see.

I showed Owen saying, "Look bud, she loves your sleepy lamb." Owen quickly replied, "Yeah!" Then two seconds later, "She better give that back to me." :)
Ah, brotherly love.

Luckily she has her very own pink sleepy giraffe which was a gift from my cousin Brett and his wife Tara and daughter Kayden. Now that I know how much she liked her brother's so much, I'm going to make sure she gets lots of snuggle time with hers. :)

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