Friday, June 24, 2011

Visiting Hershey

We drove up to Hershey today to see Grandma, Poppy and GiGi. I had both kids fed and we got on the road after I quickly packed up the car with: the Pack n Play, the portable highchair, the baby playmat, the snap and go stroller, our big bag of clothes and diapers, my diaper bag, the camera bag and a grocery sack full of bottles, formula and baby food. I was hopeful we'd make it the entire way without stopping. We did, but barely. Vivian woke up at the 2-hour mark (it's a 2hr 15min drive) and was entertained for about 15 minutes by Owen, but then suddenly started screaming to be fed.

I was going to stop and feed her, but we were on the PA turnpike and there really wasn't a good place to stop safely. So we just kept going and she eventually tired herself out from screaming and fell asleep again.

We got there just as Grandma and Poppy were pulling in from picking up a new pull-out loveseat for the den. We had a nice lunch and Owen was in heaven with all the new toys Grandma had bought for him at a recent yard sale. I logged on to work for an hour while the kids played.

That evening GiGi came over for dinner along with Aunt Diane and Cindy. We had fun catching up and I took a few pictures. Cindy brought Owen these great bubbles and he was having so much fun playing with them that he didn't realize he had accidentally dumped out the bubble solution. I saw his lower lip begin to tremble and then he ran into my arms and started crying so hard. :( Luckily, Miss Cindy was prepared! She had brought not one, but TWO tubes of bubbles with her just in case something like that happened. The smile returned as soon as she pulled out the new bubble tube. Cindy rocks.
Owen gave my Aunt Diane a workout when he asked for piggy backs and rides on her shoulders. He loves the books she brought him too.

Here's to hoping Owen sleeps well in the big boy bed with no bed rails. Lord knows he should be completely exhausted from today since he didn't nap at all. He'll probably be dreaming of Chocolate World since he's been asking about it ever since we got into the car. Headed there tomorrow! I love being in the sweetest place on Earth!

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