Friday, June 10, 2011

Vivian is 6 months old!

Happy Half-Birthday Vivian!!!
I cannot believe that half a year has already gone by. It's amazing how quickly time goes by these days. Vivi has been doing really well this past month and has hit a few milestones which we are so happy about (aka sleep being the #1!). Her 6-month check-up is on Monday therefore I'll post her stats later. So until then, here's what she's been up to:

* Eating 5 six-ounce bottles a day
* Also eating cereal with a fruit in the morning and a veggie at dinnertime
* Starting to drink water out of a sippy cup
* Taking 3-4 naps a day
* Finally started sleeping all the way through the night for the past week
* Wakes up around 6-6:30am and goes to bed around 7pm
* Wearing size 3 diapers during the day, size 6 Huggies Overnights at night! :)
* Wearing mainly 6-9 month clothes, shorts don't work on her chubby belly so we're sticking to dresses and bloomers for the most part
* Just started splashing in the bathtub this week!
* Loves her exersaucer, but not much of a fan of the bouncy seat, jumper, swing or play gym
* Is very very squirmy - loves to stand up on your lap when you're holding her
* Started to scoot backwards a bit, loves to turn in circles and roll around on the floor
* Definitely knows her name already - turns to see who's calling for her when you say her name
* I've started to use baby sign language with her and she smiles whenever I sign - love it!
* Loves to grab her feet whenever she's on her back (ex. top left picture in the collage)
* For the past month has been flipping onto her tummy to sleep at night
* Still doesn't have enough hair to really do a barrette :(
* Face lights up whenever Owen talks to her, hugs/kisses her, or plays with her

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