Sunday, June 12, 2011

Waiting for Grandma and Poppy to get here

Owen had a busy day today. We started off with swim lessons at 8:30. Then we came home and had a snack. Then he and Daddy went back out to get some stuff at the store to make tonight's dinner. Came home with a kiddie pool from Target. Daddy inflated it and filled it up so that Owen could try it out. Kel and Matt called to see if we wanted to meet up at Breezyhill pool for a dip. Owen and Kayla did some serious splashing around before we came home and had lunch. Tried to put Owen down for a nap, but he wasn't interested. Played with Daddy while Mommy did some cleaning. Had some dinner. While Mommy put Vivi down for the night, Daddy came upstairs to say that Owen had fallen asleep in his highchair.

When I first saw this picture, I immediately assumed that Ben put Owen's hand in the bowl, but he insists that is the way he fell asleep. Classic. I guess every little kid has to fall asleep at the dinner table once in their childhood.

In case you're wondering, he wasn't eating his mac and cheese with his hands. He had finished that, and was on to his second course of the evening, Kashi Berry Blossoms. :) And he just missed my parents by a mere 20 minutes. He'll be excited when he wakes up tomorrow and they're here. <3

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