Sunday, February 5, 2012

Owen speak

Lately I find myself jotting down little things Owen says that I find funny. I write them on whatever scrap of paper I have lying around, or my UYH (use your handwriting) app on the ipad. Here are a few from the past two weeks.

(During bathtime one night)
Me: Owen, we must cut your nails! Look how long they are!
Owen: Yeah. They growed.

(Trying to get him upstairs for bed)
Me: Okay, ten more minutes and then we're going up for bed. Deal?
Owen: Deal.
Me: Let's shake on it.
(we shake hands)
Owen: It's nice to meet you! *beaming*

(Approaching 5pm and I haven't started cooking anything yet)
Me: I should start making dinner.
Owen: No, we're just going to let Daddy make dinner. (this is how much my son enjoys my cooking)
Me: Good thinking. I'll tell him when he gets home.

(Sitting at the breakfast bar one morning)
Owen had just said something that surprised me (can't remember what it was now) and I told him he was so smart.
Me: What does it mean to be smart?
Owen: You say something to your mommy and then you be smart.

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