Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photography Improvement Project

I have a dream of becoming a really good photographer. But yet, I have not done anything, other than a quickie Photography 101 course that was just so-so, to further that dream.

Until now.

A blogger I used to read, Jill of Baby Rabies, had a promo to join a site called ClickinMoms in a recent post she wrote. I just signed up today for a Free 7-day trial and while the kids were napping, I started reading through the Forums.

There is so much incredible information from professional photographers, amateur photographers, and moms just like me who want to become better at taking pictures of their favorite subjects: their kids. I'm loving it so far.

This afternoon I took some snapshots of Ben and the kids on the deck before dinner. I'm excited about learning more about photography and look forward to seeing my blog images get better and better as time goes by and I work at practicing.

Practice makes perfect, right?

Or at least in my case, practice will at least help me to improve. :)

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Katie Sanner said...

these are great! i might have to check out the site as well.