Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pierced ears

I had this done today at our pediatrician's office for two reasons:

1. I remember getting my own ears pierced and how dramatic I made the whole event when after the first ear was done, I thought it hurt so bad and was terrified of having the second one done. Thankfully, I got over that quickly and did leave with 2 pierced ears rather than just one. We thought we'd make it a little easier on her and just have it done when she was a baby so that she wouldn't remember the experience.

2. This way Ben and I won't have to listen to her beg to get her ears pierced from the age of 4 on. It's already done.

She hardly cried at all (the nurse was very quick with the actual piercing after we talked for awhile about the process and how to clean them, letting Vivian touch her blue gloves, etc.) and she has not even so much as touched them. Not even when I clean them and turn them for her.

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