Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

It was so cute to see the kids coming down the stairs this year, whispering to each other the whole way, wondering whether Santa came the night before and left toys and ate the cookies they had set out.

Turns out he DID make a visit to our house, big time! These two must have been very, very good all year because there were a TON of presents under the tree. 

The kids took their time opening gifts, and oohhed and ahhhed over every single one. They were so excited! It was so much fun to watch them. Brought back lots of memories.

 After all the gifts were opened, we sat down to eat the yummy casserole that Ben had put into the oven when the gift-opening started. He and I enjoyed our first Starbucks Verisimo coffees (thanks Curt & Tish!) as we had breakfast and talked about all the fun toys the kids would be playing with this year. 
(post-gift-opening chaos)

After breakfast, we got ready and headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's to enjoy Christmas lunch with them and Aunt Hillary and exchange presents. Santa left a bunch of stuff at their house too!

We spent the afternoon enjoying a delicious lunch, watching the kiddos tear through more presents from Santa, and exchanging gifts. It was such a fun day. We got home in the late afternoon and relaxed as the kids ran around from new toy to new toy, playing the day away.

In the evening, as we had Cinderella on and the kids were mesmerized, we called Grandma & Grandpa on the new ipad mini to do Facetime. So much fun. We also had some Facetime with Grandma & Poppy in Florida. We're looking forward to celebrating Christmas with them in mid-January.

So blessed. Merry Christmas everyone!

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