Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday dinner party

We invited Matt & Kelly and the kids over for a little holiday dinner party. I found this meal inspiration on Pinterest, sent Ben to the store and then put him to work in the kitchen while I cleaned up around the house and set the table. 

Matt picked out two amazing bottles of wine and we fed the kids while we (and Vivi, of course) enjoyed some shrimp bruschetta appetizers that he brought over. The kids had dinner and then we set them up (home theater style) in the family room with some Christmas specials found on Netflix.

Us adults were able to enjoy a nice meal while the kids relaxed watching He-Man & She-Ra's Christmas crusade (Ben's choice). Afterwards, it was time for cocktails and cookies for the grown-ups, and cookies and milk for the little ones. Such a fun evening for everyone.

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